Travel Advice for Russia

Travel Advice

Read the travel advice for your Russian trip. Check it out what is unsafe and what is safe for your tour.

  1. “Taxi” and “airport” are the two favorite words for any taxi driver in Russia. In the run-up to the 2018 World Cup you must to be ready that the prices will rise “specially for you” by 2 and more times! Especially if you don’t understand Russian language.To avoid it you better order the taxi from the airport (on arrival) at the specialized staff of airport and from a hotel (at departure) at the reception desk.
    Advice: order taxi only at the specialized staff of the airport and/or from a hotel. It is strongly advised to not catch a ride and/or a taxi on the streets (standing taxi, and taxi drivers, beckoning into their cars) especially if you have a lot of valuable things. Shops and souvenir shops are the same, beware of big prices. For you as foreigners, price tags will be replaced (ask the Chinese tourists, they know more about it than anyone).
    Advice: check the adequate prices in stores (clothes, food, souvenirs, etc.) using your smartphone and any of the search engines, entering the article number of the desired product / service.
  2. In Russia every 2 minutes there are crimes (pocket thefts, robberies, hooliganism). Banal advice: the less cash you carry, the better.
  3. The political situation in Russia is as follows: the incomes of the population fall for the fifth consecutive year, over 23M people are below the poverty line. Many residents are sure that everything is caused by the West and America. A disdainful look in your direction, dissatisfied faces mixed with pro-Russian sentiments can lead to aggressive behavior and negative actions towards you.
    Advice: if at first glance you feel that a person is not ready to make contact (help you, tell something) – go away to avoid at least feelings of discomfort.
  4. Avoid the group of fans – ultras. Special attention we want to pay to the fans of Poland. Ultras of the National Russian team will be able to recall the accidents at Euro 2012 in Warsaw, when there were a lot of scuffles between fans of Poland and Russia.
    Advice: bypass the congestion of fans of certain countries, in particular, ultras, in order not to fall under the hot hand of even calm and seemingly neutral fans. Poles are strongly advised not to clarify the relationship on the streets and hold their opinions to themselves.

All the advice is purely advisory in nature, following them you will be at least satisfied with the trip.

We wish all football fans a good mood and a feeling of holiday atmosphere in all cities of Russia!